Sacred Universe, detail. The entire painting is also posted on this same page. Watercolor on watercolor board. Sacred Universe (Sacred Circles) The ancient motifs of basic circle and spiral are widely recognized as metaphors for fertility, continuity, and the feminine aspect of creation: Shekinah. Simplicity is deceiving, because the simple, common spiral is also the template of physical reality. The design and proportion of sunflower heads, pine cones and snail shells are only a few examples. DNA, cell division, whirlpools, hurricanes, our galaxy, the nature of time itself are all based upon the same blueprint; wholeness and all life being interconnected. Its not surprising many earth centered and eastern cultures emphasize circle and spiral in religious and spiritual philosophy, but abstract thought such as Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, physics, the Golden Ratio, and Phi are all based upon it. Life on the physical, mental and spiritual plane is the spiraling inward/outward journey. Star fire burns in the nucleus of every cell; we are spiritual beings who've forsaken our origins. We are all relations; claim the birthright and initiate mending the hoop of the world. Parent to child we form a living bridge, the umbilical cord connecting past with future. Maybe the universe herself is in a fetal stage, drifting upon the silent current of space and time beyond time. Text copyright Helena Nelson – Reed, please don’t use without written permission. - Helena Nelson Reed