"Protecting Angel" Watercolor on watercolor paper. Protective wings enfold the angel, whose arms cradle and protect Eart. While watching over and teaching her child, a guardian angel allows her to make mistakes and sometimes fall down, yet intervenes in time to prevent the little one from hurting herself too badly. May all hearts and minds unfurl, open and prepare to receive and embrace the angel’s message. May we all allow its grace to permeate and saturate both individual and our collective being with eternal, pure light. Like a precious, faceted gem and its sparkle, may humanity become one in the intention and manifestation of unified harmony with one another, earth, and all that dwells upon her. These are mythic times. We are the ancestors. In the great Nordic sagas, humanity periodically balances at a pivotal point on the axis of history, tilting first one way then another by forces of light and dark. Like seers of old, we now access events across time and space, yet lack the all encompassing divine vision necessary for full understanding. Thank you for honoring intellectual and creative copyright. This art and text is copyright Helena Nelson –Reed, please don’t use without written permission. - Helena Nelson Reed